We are a collaborative of Ecuadorian and expat residents providing assistance related to the health, welfare and education of Manta’s children.

Projects and activities are determined annually by the Board of Directors with input from the full organization membership. We provide our time, talents, and financial assistance, along with actively seeking donations from companies and individuals from inside and outside Ecuador. We will affiliate with organizations that hold the appropriate tax status in their respective countries to ensure that all contributions will be tax deductible. The members of YOU and US for Manta’s Children welcome assistance and participation of any form and hope that YOU will join US in this important work!

In the spirit of community, YOU & US for Manta’s Children is committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Manta, Ecuador.

You & Us for Manta’s Children Inc. is a registered non-profit organization in the State of Kansas. We have USA 501(c)3 tax status, which allows US citizens to claim tax deductible donations. We provide our own time, talents and financial assistance, along with seeking donations from individuals, organizations and companies in Ecuador and around the world.

We promise to be ‘good stewards’ and that every dollar of your donation will go to help continue our work on behalf of the disadvantaged Children of Manta, Ecuador. It is only through the generous donations from our supporters and the time and energy of our volunteers that we are able to carry out our Mission.

Additional Information

The Board of Directors is elected annual by the community of supporters. Projects and activities within our two priority areas of service are determined annually by the Board with input from the broader You & Us community of supporters. There are no remunerations or honorarium paid to Board Members or volunteers. 

Your support is gratefully acknowledged by the Executive Board and many friends of YOU & US for Manta’s Children.  ​We Thank You.

More About Our Projects

Our project goals include: 

  • Supporting the most disadvantaged in our Community with food, medicine and other necessities.
  • Encouraging early childhood learning and fostering social and language skills through operating children’s public libraries

.El Palmar Children’s Library and Medical Centre

Leer…Comer…Repitir Library at Jaimitos Gringo Pizza retaurant.

Santa Marianita Children’s Library in collabortion with the Municipal administration (This project is currently in the planning stage)

PlanTea Foundation for Autistic children. Workshops, books and general support.

We cooperate with and enjoy the support of several Foundations, Organizations and Institutions in the Manta Community.


Manta Art Fair, TPM, and You and Us logos

2023 Manta Art Fair (Feria de Arte)

This year the fair has two objectives: to promote the culture of art in the province of Manabí, and to raise funds for the You & Us for Manta’s Children.