Fundación Shekinah

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We are pleased to be a supporter of Fundación Shekinah since 2012. Shekinah is a Christian, non-governmental, nonprofit organization licensed to provide services to 25 children; infants to teen age. They have been working for over 20 years with children who are the victims of neglect and abuse. The Casa Hogar “Mi Refugio” provides a safe place for them while the security and stability in their home is restored, or they are integrated with extended family. 

The children are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of professional team that includes social worker, lawyer, psychologist, tutors, administrative staff and service staff. The children’s basic needs are covered, such as food, health, education, clothing, recreational activities and spiritual development. Also provided is love, discipline and emotional support while in at Mi Refugio.

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Fundación Rio Manta

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Fundación Rio Manta is one of the many projects of Ecuadorian Jesuits., overseen by Padre Sergio Mocha from LaMerced Catholic Church. Many social services are provided to the people of Manta at either very low or no cost. Some of these services include: visits to medical doctors, therapists, social workers, psychologists. 

A program for abused women, after school care and help with homework, and lunch in the Comedor Popular is provided daily. In addition to Barrio Rio Manta they serve numerous needs of other disadvantaged families.

More about Fundación Rio Manta.

Colegio Teresa De Calcuta

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Colegio Teresa De Calcuta is a tuition based school which attracts gifted children in various disciplines. A number of those gifted children come from homes that cannot afford the uniforms, books and tuition.  

You & Us for Manta’s Children is happy to be able to support families with those children that would otherwise be denied the opportunity for the special programs provided by Colegio Teresa De Calcutta. This year we provide funds for uniforms and books for two such children and the annual tuition for an additional child of a single mother. 

Fundación PlanTea

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Plantea is a private non-profit organization that is responsible for providing assistance, therapies and executes social benefit projects, focused mainly on people with ASD.

It’s mission is to form a specialized center to attend all the needs of children and young people with Autism Spectrum and support the training of educators and parents.

La Fundacion Plan TEA, es una organizacion sin fines de lucro que surge en base a la necesidad de que Manta cuente con una institucion dedicada a nuestros niños, jovenes y adultos dentro del trastorno del espectro autista. En vista del alarmante crecimiento de cifras de autismo PanTEA se propone como objetivo principal crear un centro Integral de terapias que aborde las diferentes areas (T de lenguaje, T Ocupacional, T sensorial y otras terapias alternativas) para las personas con TEA

More about Fundación PlanTea.

EcuaStory Foundation

EcuaStory Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to providing literacy and educational opportunities for children through the creation of community library centers in Manta and Manabi, Ecuador.

La filosofía de Fundación EcuaStory es inspirar el amor y hábito por la lectura a través de bibliotecas infantiles comunitarias

Ecuastory’s first project, the “Yellow Submarine” is a community library – a transformed shipping container in the Gavilanes barrio in the city of Manta. This is the first free, publicly accessible children’s library in the city of Manta.

More about EcuaStory at their website: